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October 20, 2006


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Trampoline is an action sports simulation game where the player controls an athlete jumping on a trampoline, performing gymnastic maneuvers. The game features advanced 3D graphics and powerful physics for an amazingly realistic trampoline simulation.

The game is freeware, but I spent over a year creating it, I hope you enjoy it!








Pentium 3 / AMD Equivalent Fast Pentium / AMD Equivalent


256MB 1GB


3D Accelerator card 3D Card w/ 128MB


Windows-supported card Windows-supported card

A gamepad / joystick is recommended but not required.


If you are reading this documentation, you have already installed Walaber’s Trampoline.

The first time you run the game you will see the screen below:

Choose an option from the “Rendering Subsystem” drop down list.
The game can work with either Direct 3D (9.0), or Open GL.

If you are unsure, just choose the Direct 3D option.
Once you choose an option you will see more options:

To change an option, highlight it by clicking on it, and then choose an option from the drop down list at the bottom.
The important settings are the “Full Screen” setting, and the “Video Mode” setting.

Adjusting these settings has the greatest effect on game performance, try tweaking them for the best performance on your machine.


Once you are happy with the settings, press “OK” to start the game.
The game will remember your settings, and this dialog won’t be shown again.

To adjust the settings later, choose “Trampoline – Graphic Setup” from the Start menu.


Main Menu

  • This is the main menu for the game. You can access all of the game modes from here, as well as the Options screen to adjust game settings.

  • The main menu has several options.







Story mode is the main mode for Walaber’s Trampoline. In this mode you can create a new character from scratch, and progress through a series of tasks, learning to become a trampoline master. Your character starts out with very low-level stats, but by completing the story tasks you earn points to level up your character to make him/her jump higher, flip harder, and twist faster.

Playing through the story mode will also unlock many new Locales, Body Types, and Outfits for your characters. There are also some special gifts waiting for those players who complete every story task!

Character Select / Edit Screen

  • After choosing gStory Modeh, (or most other modes for that matter), you will be taken to the Character Select Screen.

  • Choose the character you want to use from the list on the left.

  • If you haven’t already made a character, you will need to create one. Select gMake a New Characterh and press the gOKh button.

  • Press gOKh to continue, or gCancelh to return to the main menu.

Character Creation / Edit

  • Enter a name for your character in the gNameh field.
  • Choose a Body Type from the drop-down list.
  • Choose an outfit from the drop-down list.
  • Choose a custom shirt and pants color by adjusting the sliders.
  • More Body Types and Outfits are unlocked by progressing through Story Mode.
  • Press gOKh when finished, of gCancelh to exit without saving.

Story Select

  • Choose the Story you would like to play from the list on the left.
  • Grey colored items = storied you have not unlocked yet. Try completing some earlier stories first. Also there are some cases where you must place third or better in a Competition (see Competition mode) to continue the story.
  • On the left is an overall description of the contents of this story (top), and a list of the individual tasks (middle), as well as the location (bottom).
  • Press gOKh to play the story, or gBackh to return to Character select.

In-Game Screen

  • Story Mode explains the basic controls as you play, but here is a quick explanation:
  • The game uses a total of 7 buttons:
Action Default Key Description



Character holds a gtuckh position as long as the button is held



Character holds a gtuckh position as long as the button is held



Character holds a gtuckh position as long as the button is held



If on the trampoline, the character will try to jump higher.


Left Arrow

Hold to charge up a counter-clockwise rotation, let go to start flipping.


Right Arrow

Hold to charge up a clockwise rotation, let go to start flipping.


Up Arrow

Each tap of this key spins 180 degress (half turn).

There is also a “Reset” button (defaults to “R”) for reseting your character at the center of the trampoline.

Also you can toggle through all of the available camera angles with the Camera button (defaults to “C”).


Competitions in Trampoline are based on doing a routine of several tricks in succession. The Competitions in Walaber’s Trampoline are scored with the same basic system as real Trampoline competitions. Each Competition has some required tricks that must be included in the routine to for qualification, and an overall Degree of Difficulty that the routine must meet. Judges score on several factors, including difficulty of tricks, accurate landings, and consistent jump height. Score in the top 3 in the competition to unlock more story mode tasks. Completed competitions can be played again at any time.

Competition Select

  • After choosing your character, choose a competition you want to try from the list on the left.
  • Grey colored items = competitions not yet available to the current character. You must complete all of the prerequisite story mode stories before you can enter the competition.
  • On the right is a description of the competition (top), a list of the requirements for your routine (middle), and the location of the competition (bottom).
  • Press gOKh to start, or press gBackh to return to the Character Select screen


Free Play is an open-ended game mode where you can simple enjoy playing around on the trampoline, doing tricks, and sometimes crashing 🙂

In this mode you can use any character, on and location you have unlocked. You can also play for a set amount of time, and try to beat your high score.

Free Play

  • Choose the location you want to jump in from the list on the left of available locations. Remember that playing through the Story Mode will unlock many new locations.

  • Also choose the game length from the options at the bottom. Different high scores are saved for each of these.

  • Press gOKh to start, or press gBackh to return to the Character Select screen.


In the multiplayer mode, you can connect with friends over the Internet or local LAN to jump on the trampoline together in some different modes.

Multiplayer Host / Join Select

  • Enter your nickname (choose something unique) and choose:

    gHost Gameh
    (to host a game for others to join)

    gJoin gameh
    (to join a game someone else is hosting)

  • Press gBACKh to return to the Main Menu.

Hosting a Game

  • Choose the game type. Currently there are 2 types of games:

    gAdd Onh
    The famous trampoline game where players must mimic the previous players tricks, and then add something new at the end. Players who cannot mimic the whole chain of tricks are gouth, and play proceeds until there is only 1 player left, who is the winner.

    gFree Jumph
    This is an open mode, where you can take turns jumping on the trampoline, while chatting with each other.

  • Choose the game-specific settings (middle).
  • You can also choose to broadcast your game, which means other people will be able to see your game from inside Trampoline. Make sure you enter your public IP address correctly in the fields, and mark the check box.
  • Press gOKh to host the game and enter the lobby, or gBACKh to return the the Multilayer menu.

Joining a Game

  • If you know the IP of the host, enter it directly into the gIP Addressh field. If this is someone you will connect to often, enter a name for the server and press the gSAVEh button. Next time you will be able to choose the server from the list, and the IP will be remembered.

  • Press gREMOVEh to remove a saved server from the list.

  • On the bottom there is a list of public servers, with their ping times on the far right. Click on a server in the list to choose it. Also you can click gREFRESHh to get an updated list of servers, and re-ping them.

  • Click gCONNECT!h to join the game, or click gBACKh to return to the Multilayer menu.

Multiplayer Lobby

  • The lobby is where you wait for other players to join the game. You can chat by typing messages into the text box, and send them by pressing ENTER or clicking on the SEND button.

  •  To Start, click on the button on the lower left.  The caption indicates your status:

    Not Ready… – you are not ready to play.

    READY! – all set to go.

  • NOTE – if you are the Host, this button will change to gSTART!h once all players have selected gREADYh.

Multiplayer Game Screen


  • Press “TAB” to bring up the chat window.  With the window open, type your message, and then press ENTER to send it.  To cancel, oress ESC.
  • In “Free Jump” mode, the HOST can press the “F5” key to switch turns and let the next player in line jump.
  • In “Add-On”, the first player completes a single trick.  Then the next player must complete that trick, and immediately do a new trick after it.  The next player does both tricks, and then “adds” another, and so on.  If you cannot complete the whole string of tricks, you are “out” for the round.  People are eliminated until a single player is left – that player is the winner.  Then a new round starts with that player as the first player.


Use this screen to set sound volumes, control configurations, and difficulty settings.


Options Screen



Sound Effects Volume

Sets the relative volume of the in-game sound effects

Music Volume

Sets the relative volume of the in-game music

Simulation Strictness

When you land on a trampoline leanding forward / backward, you naturally get pushed in that direction on your next bounce.  This slider controls that setting.  A low setting will keep the player in the center of the trampoline, a high setting will cause the player to go flying off the tramp for just leaning a little bit.
Simulation Speed Controls the overall speed at which the game physics work.  Slower speeds are less realistic to watch, but much easier to play.
Auto Jump With this setting on, the character will automatically jump when it touches the trampoline.  Recommended for beginners.
Jump “Focus” With this turned on, time will slow down while the character is on the trampoline.  Beginners can make use of the extra time to prepare for their next trick.  Try turning this on if you have trouble linking tricks together.
Control Config Click the button to the right of the control you want to change, and then press a button on the keyboard (or joypad if you have one plugged in) that you want to assign to that control.



Design, Code, Graphics



Sound Recording & Audio Cleanup

Jesse Allen

gManh Body Type 3D Model & Texture

Matthew Haslem

(all music used with permission)

Already Taken

Minutes Too Far

No Torso



Soapbox Paradox


big thanks to all the artists who lent their music to this game!  Please support them by visiting their web pages, and buying their music.


Developed with:


(c) Walaber, 2006



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